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Cooperative Care - Vet Visits

Updated: Mar 9

You just brought home your new puppy and you're starting to schedule those first few visits to complete their vaccine schedule. I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a vet you feel comfortable with. Making these first few vet visits a positive experience is crucial. I recommend even after your puppy has completed their rounds of shots to just make a trip to the vet for socialization purposes.

Key Points - Keeping Things Positive +

  • Bring high value reward items to distract your puppy while they're getting poked and to reward good behavior. I will freeze some wet dog food in a small cup and let my puppy lick it to help distract them.

  • See if they can book your appointment first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon when they're less busy. Your puppy is still building immunity less contact with outside germs/viruses the better and having a lot of dogs in the office could overstimulate your puppy. Look through the lens of your puppy, they're small, big dogs barking at them could be pretty frightening.

  • If your puppy gets car sick feed half their meal or after the vet trip, so they do not vomit in the car on the ride there. Some puppies get motion sickness.

  • Have the staff give your puppy treats. They don't have to sit or do anything fancy. This helps builds positive associations with everyone there.

Cooperative Care

  • Get your puppy used to having their bite / teeth checked.

  • Practice having your puppy sit and stay while you pick up a front leg. Alternate back and forth. If they ever need an IV placed your puppy/ dog is used to this.

  • Teach a "place" command. Your puppy will have to learn how to sit and be calm on the weight scale. Teaching a place command beforehand you're going to look like a pro and your puppy will learn how to sit quietly to get an accurate weight.

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