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About Me

Saba @ 7 months & I was 18 years old.

My name is Taylor McCuiston and writing about myself is definitely harder than writing about my dogs or telling you about them. I have always been an animal lover and have raised many young animals from goats (kids), foals, kittens, puppies, you name it we had it on the farm to take care of. To pinpoint exactly when I fell in love with the breed, I can't tell you. Maybe it was after watching "All Dogs Go To Heaven" as a kid. All I dreamed of having was my own German Shepherd Dog. In our psychology class we had to make our own vision board of what we wanted our future to look like. Well, my vision board had a beautiful dark black and tan German Shepherd dead center of this poster board. The rest of the board was filled with big trucks, horses, and big barns. Needless to say, shortly thereafter I did my research and made sure this breed would fit my lifestyle and after finding the right breeder, I bought my first GSD from a reputable breeder. "Saba" was the best dog and everything I had hoped for when owning this breed. 

Saba Lee traveled everywhere with me while I worked as a professional horse trainer showing all across the United States. She not only was my co-pilot, best friend, but she was also my protector. The unconditional love this dog gave me and some of my happiest memories I will never forget. My goal as a breeder is to provide that same experience, I had to my puppy buyers. I chose this breed not just based off of their physical appearance, but when I read the breed standard, it was exactly what I was looking for in a companion dog. Saba ignited a fire and from there I decided I wanted to start breeding German Shepherds, but I wanted to do it the right and ethical way. I essentially did an internship with another breeder and learned the do's and don'ts of dog breeding.


Star @ 6 months & 1 day old. 


I purchased my first breeding dog and her name was "Starburst". Star has left a legacy not only through her amazing puppies, but she was known as a perfect performer in the obedience ring. Star taught me the ropes in AKC Obedience, and we went all the way to OPEN (CDX) "Companion Dog Excellent". We had a total of eight titles before her official retirement. She went on to produce dogs who have won and titled in AKC conformation, obedience, service, and therapy dog work. She is my foundation dog and has stamped not only her beautiful looks, but has passed on her amazing temperament to her puppies. 

Star @ 3 years old. 


Vega (Star daughter) 


Birdie (Star granddaughter) 

I continue to strive for breeding better dogs. Each pairing is carefully selected and evaluated based on what we're looking to produce. We are not looking to just produce dogs; we're preserving a breed! Showing & Trialing proves our dogs are breeding worthy and our buyers are purchasing a quality animal. Each one of our puppies is carefully placed and if you have one of our pups consider yourself a part of the Fame Family! 

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