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AKC Major Pointed - Shine Bright Like A Vega V Fame


Dam - Appleridge's Starburst To Fame OFA DM TC CGCA RN BN CD GN FO 

 Sire - BOF GCH Caretti's Blue Man OFA DM CGC

DOB - December 7, 2019

OFA Preliminary (23 months)

Hips - Fair / Elbows - Normal

DM - Clear

Coat Carrier

AKC Championship Points - 7 Points (1 Major)

AKC Owner-Handled GrouWinner

AKC Regular Group Winner

Vega is out of my heart dog Starburst and she is for sure filling in her mother's pawprints! Vega was a Covid puppy so her start to socializing, exposure, and AKC Conformation showing was delayed, but that didn't stop her success once she was able to hit the road! Covid was a crazy time for everyone and especially us dog show people. It's so important to expose them to the show environment while they're young, because it's a fast-paced environment and for most dogs it can feel overwhelming. Vega went to her first dog show in 2021 in Greenville, SC and picked up her first set of ribbons winning Reserve Winners Bitch. She was completely unfazed and handled the show environment like she had been doing it her entire life. Now THAT'S a sound dog! People often wonder why it's important for breeders to show their dogs. Well, would you want someone to build your house not up to code? We strive so hard to produce dogs that not only conform to the standard, but to produce dogs with excellent temperaments. So needless to say we were thrilled to see how sound she was at this particular show, given the odds were stacked against her. Vega finished up her show career for 2022 winning a 4 Point Major! She will be semi-retired for 2023 to have a litter of puppies. Vega is very close to finishing her AKC Championship only needing 8 points & 1 major (you need 2 majors which are 3,4,&5 points). Once she has completed her Conformation Championship we will put some Obedience titles on the back end of her name! Aside from her impressive show wins Vega is a perfect pet! She lives with her co-owner and watches over/herds their 4 kids who she adores and harasses their two pet cats on the daily LOL! Vega has medium prey drive and absolutely has zero ball drive. She would prefer to herd kids or sheep than play ball! She is friendly to those she knows, indifferent to others she doesn't, and has great defense drive if anyone comes onto the property (like a true shepherd). We donated Vega's litter brother "Phantom" to a non-profit organization called Warrior Freedom Service Dogs and he has excelled as a Service Dog for a retired military veteran. Video of Eric & Phantom on Youtube. Great genes run in the family! 

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