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Safe Travels - Car Rides

Updated: Mar 7

How to make car rides and traveling to be a fun and safe experience for your young pup. First I want to note that every puppy is different. Some puppies will adjust to car rides quiet easily and others will have tendencies to get motion sickness.

I will always be an advocate for crating your puppy/dog during car rides. This is not only the safest option for you, but also your dog. No one wakes up and decides "oh I am going to get into a car accident today". If your dog is free to roam in the car and you were to get into an accident your dog could not only get injured, but worse become ejected through the window. My top recommendation is a Ruffland Kennel. These are some of the top rated kennels for traveling. Cars have been absolutely totaled and these crates are still intact and dogs unharmed inside. They also sell these at Bass Pro Shops, but if you go through a local dealer you can do a custom order to help with whatever style car you may have. These kennels are expensive, but worth the investment. If finances are hindering you from being able to purchase this kennel a wire or plastic crate is better than allowing them to ride loose.

Now let's talk about making the car a fun place for your nervous or motion sick puppy. If you find your puppy is nervous or vomiting on car rides you need to reevaluate how you're approaching car rides.

  • Feed your puppy their morning and evening meals in the kennel in the car. This helps build a positive association.

    • Do this after your puppy has gotten totally comfortable in a crate or it'll be a double negative LOL.

  • Don't drive anywhere with your puppy until you see them getting excited about getting inside the car.

  • Take short drives, around the block and back is perfect.

  • Overtime you can make your trips longer and longer.

Getting your puppy used to car rides is crucial to building a well rounded dog. Car rides are the gateway to the outside world!

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