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Cooperative Care - Grooming

It's important before you get your puppy to find a reputable groomer. You want to establish as many positive associations as you can with lifelong things. Take your puppy to the groomer on a regular monthly bases to establish a positive association with being groomed before they become too big and cannot be properly handled. No groomer wants to wrestle a 70-90lb German Shepherd in the tub or on the table to be blown out.

German Shepherds typically blow their coat 2x per year. You will need to brush your dog daily to remove dead undercoat. We do not recommend Furminator brushes. This tool destroys their topcoat; we recommend a de-shedding rake. A good bath and blow out from the groomer will help remove any dead undercoat and promote healthy hair growth. As well as cutting down on the amount of shedding while they're in the process of blowing their coat.

Your dog's nails should be done at a minimum every month. Not doing your dog's nails can lead to problems such as: broken toes or nails, strain on their pasterns (dog ankles), splayed feet, and over all uncomfortable. If you wait longer than 6 weeks to clip and/or dremel your dog's nails, the quick will begin to grow longer and it will take double the time for the quick to recede.

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